Unveiled Bridal Event!

Micaela & Brian l Ojai Valley Inn & Spa


B e a u t i f u l followers! :) We were on a small hiatus- please forgive us. Wedding season has kicked into full motion as we are on a super busy but awesome grind! We thought we'd do a "welcome back" with a beautiful January 2014 wedding that took place in Ojai. We absolutely loved Micaela & Brian's elegant and warm wedding- the biscotti favor was one of our favorites! Please enjoy and stay tuned for the many weddings we'll be posting throughout the season- super excited to share them all with you! :)

Floral: Lilla Bello
Beauty Team: Beautiful by LouLou
Ceremony Strings: Alison Spieth Strings
Wedding Coordinator: Cassandra Santor

Please Help? I Need Cake Advice!


Photo taken by Stewart Uy

Q: Is it ok to go to a bakery with pictures if cakes from a different bakeshop? What is the proper etiquette for this cake business?? Because the truth is I still just really looove the designs on a particular website and I've been looking and looking and I'm not finding any others that I like as much. How do I handle that? 

A: Absolutely bring pictures! Any baker will certainly appreciate the direction. Not to worry about their egos, they should cater to whatever you'd like. Each bakery may have their own take on what you are saying and will probably create a sketch for you to review at you meeting, as well as a tasting of their flavor options. Be sure to tell them what you love and be clear with things you are not interested in. 

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Honeymoon Registry VS. "Traditional" Registry?


Q) Honeymoon Registry instead of a"traditional" registry? Memories are just as (maybe more) important than things. I've managed to "convert" a couple who have checked with me, but there still seems to be some reluctance not to give some tangible "thing." Thanks for your input.

A) Oh dear, technology can be tricky. It can be especially tough for those folks who are not constantly searching online and adept at current registry technology. Many couples (let’s even say most) are registered online. It keeps couples organized, gifts manageable and the reception gift table clear of doubled up packages. A fun twist on the traditional registry, of formal china and home goods (which I still recommend, unless you’re a travel bug or minimalist), is the honeymoon registry. Buying gifts online can be confusing for some but buying events (such as a romantic dinner for two in Bali) seems just left of center. How do you provide the information for a honeymoon registry and an explanation to those of another generation or mindset?

I believe that equating the gifts with other "typical" gifts is the best angle. For example- when someone asks me about a bride's honeymoon registry I explain that instead of dishes, she'd like a special memory on her honeymoon like a fancy meal for two. I would also explain that traditional registries are now being received as gift cards and credits rather than the actual purchased gifts. While there isn’t a store to shop at, there are easy avenues such as a toll-free number they can select and review gifts on many registry sites. This may be a service that the wedding planner, their travel agent or registry website may provide. 

For those current gift givers, it is easy to explain the modern registry to the ladies of 90210 as "the" trend...give it a try!

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How Do I Celebrate Valentine's Day?


Ah, yes. We have received a lovely Valentine's Day question in regards to how I particularly spend Valentine's Day- hope my answer helps you! :)

Q: Anything special you particularly do on Valentine's Day for your hubby? This is our first Valentine's Day together as a newlywed and I'm not quite sure if I should go all out or keep it casual!

A: I LOVE Valentine's Day, of course. Actually, I pretty much love all holidays (Halloween was my favorite growing-up and no one does it better than Martha Stewart). That being said, my husband doesn't love going out on Valentine's Day- too much traffic and such. We usually make dinner at home together. Since going back to my vegetarian roots last year, we are going to scour my Pinterest "Stuff I Want A Bite Of" board for inspiration. My favorite V-Day florals come from Dandelion Ranch and I love that they last a least a week (are you reading this Jess??). Chocolate is also always on my list. My favorite fudge-y melt-away truffles come from my friend Diane at K's Chocolatier. Jess loves the scotch balls (these are the REAL deal, high quality scotch oozes from the center when you bite in). Other than that I love to send out love and appreciation notes to my friends and family on Valentine's Day so I'll probably head over to Paper-Source for some high-quality cards too. If you're local to LA, Cirque Du Soleil is in town at the Santa Monica Pier. I highly recommend you splurge on a date night if you are in planning mode or a newlywed. Nothing recharges the love-tank as much as a good date night and quality time sans your iPhones.

A Date With Sprinkles Cupcakes!


What: A Sprinkles Pop-Up Shop 
Where: The lobby of The Shore Hotel in Santa Monica 
When: February 14th, 15th & 16th 2pm-6pm, February 17th 11am-3pm 

The ORIGINAL Sprinkles cupcake bakery is hitting Santa Monica over President's Day weekend. Just in time and so ideal for Valentine's Day! Take your sweetie for some sweets or heck, celebrate your singleness and treat yourself to some scrumptious goodies.

Drool. We'd devour some of these over here at the studio- spread the word to all the cupcake lovers and enjoy!

Andrea & Phinny l Malibu


We have a number of weddings in Malibu this year we are just giddy about- we'd love to share some sweet details from a 2010 wedding that took place at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu!

Photography: Erin Hearts Court
Floral: Brown Paper Design 
Cake: Jamaica's Cakes
Catering: Heirloom Catering
Venue: Saddlerock Ranch 
09 10